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Clinical Supervision

""Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


I am a qualified Clinical Supervisor with a Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision.  


My modality is Humanistic and I offer a warm, creative approach to supervision.   I believe that the foundation of quality supervision is a healthy supervisory relationship built on trust, honesty and equality.  I facilitate a self-reflective process, encouraging supervisee’s to ‘speak the unspoken’ in a place of safety and non-judgement.  I often utilise a variety of different creative approaches into my work including the use of story-telling, drawing/crafts and sand tray work if this is something that the supervisee shows an interest in.  I have had many different experiences as a supervisee over the past 15 years, some good, others less so.  What I try to do in my own practice as a Supervisor is to always be open to learning something new whether this be about myself or others.  I think that for Supervsion to be effective, it's important as a supervisee to feel as though you are able to make mistakes or "get it wrong" sometimes and still be able to bring these experiences to supervision and be accountable without fear of being critically judged.  In my experience, these are usually valuable opportunities to increase our capacity for self-reflective practice, knowledge and self-love.


I currently work from my private practice in Fareham.

I charge £70 per hour and can offer a concession to students/trainees.


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