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"Our wounds are often openings into the best and most beautiful part of us"  David Richo


I can facilitate therapy online through the use of a webcam or via phone for those clients who are not able to attend a session in person.  This is a great way to engage in therapy for people who lead busy lives or who are not able to attend a regular face to face session for whatever reason. 


The cost is £50 for the 1st session and £60 per 1 hour session thereafter.  The advantage of having online or phone therapy is that you can sit in the comfort of familiar surroundings at a time which is convenient for you.


I use ZOOM (similar to Skype) which is a client meeting application that can be used on Windows PC, Mac Books, IOS and Android tablets and mobile phones. Using it is very straight forward.


Once you have made an appointment I will schedule the session and you will receive a meeting request that will state 'ZOOM Meeting'. You simply follow the link in the meeting request at the scheduled time and it will take you to your web-browser to commence the session.

If you would like to use a tablet or mobile device follow the links below to download the App:


Download Zoom Mobile Apps for iPhone or Android


If you would like to use your PC follow the link below: 


Download Zoom Client for Meetings


Payment for online therapy will need to be paid on receipt of a scheduled counselling session.

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